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There is no single answer to the question: what is a healthy waist size? The answer is: not much for many women, especially those on low-carb, low-fat diets.

The reason for this is quite simple: the size of your waist is not based on your actual body mass. You aren’t growing as a person unless you gain weight.

The reason it’s so hard to keep your waist in a healthy range is because so many factors come into play that add to your weight gain.

Here is a quick look at the main causes and some quick and easy solutions:

The biggest factor in determining how big your waist is is your height. So, instead of thinking of your waist as just “large” or “small,” think of it as “large” or “small” depending on how tall you are relative to your waist. For example, a woman who is 5’6″ and a man who is 5’9″ – their waist size is exactly the same, and their waist size will be the same size regardless of how tall they are. Also, women who are smaller will probably have smaller waist sizes, because their belly fat is more concentrated, while men who are larger tend to have more of a higher fat distribution (which would mean the waist will also be larger).

Another main factor in determining your size and waist size is the number of calories you require to maintain your current weight. Women typically need less calories than men to maintain the same weight, which can mean the difference between being underweight and obese.

How do you measure your waist?

The first thing you must do should be weigh yourself to determine your exact BMI. This is the number that you use when you calculate your body fat percentage and your body fat percentage needs for maintenance. A measurement of approximately 18.5 or 21 can be used on the scale and the results are accurate.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be a BMI of 18.5, though. If you measure your BMI online, you have to be measured by another doctor or registered dietitian so that you can be sure it is exactly what it needs to be to fit the criteria for healthy obesity. If you do not have anyone who is doing this for you, you could consult your primary care physician who can verify your physical measurements. Or, you can download a free online body measure tool from MetricOM.com that will calculate your BMI based on your height.
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