What is the best breakfast for weight loss? – Dietary Fasting For Weight Loss

The research in this article did not directly compare breakfast versus no breakfast for weight loss, but did explore how the timing of breakfast may impact overall nutrition. The following are the best options for weight loss on a consistent basis that can satisfy your daily needs for nutrition.

Breakfast options 1. Snacking

Snack before bedtime (8) Eat breakfast 1½ hours before bedtime (9) Snack while watching TV (10) Eat while eating breakfast 2 hours after breakfast (11) Snack while eating breakfast Snack every 2 hours (12)

Breakfast options 2. Healthy/nutritious breakfast foods

Pizza (13) Toast (14) Oatmeal (15) Overnight Oats (16)

Breakfast options 3. Healthy/nutritious meals + snack (17)

Breakfast options 4. Healthy/nutritious meals (18)

Breakfast options 5. Other healthy/nutritious meal options (19)

Here are my suggestions for getting the most out of your time in the morning in terms of time to eat, eating options, and snacks:

Snack before bedtime (8): This is probably our favorite type of snacking for weight loss because it doesn’t take a lot away from the quality of the meal. (A simple banana, granola bar, or small piece of fruit will add some fiber to your meal. If you feel the urge to eat immediately after a snack, do so for only 10 seconds before you try to get more nutrition.) Snack while watching TV (10): Watch more than 2 hours of TV in a row and start adding a snack. (I’m not saying you have to get to bed early! Just keep watching!) Snack while eating breakfast (10): If you want something different than the other choices above, you can start adding some healthy meal options as well. I think it’s important to get breakfast when you wake up – at least for a bit more nutrition – especially if you have time for a snack! Make healthy/nutritious breakfast foods. (I recommend these!) Pizza (13): Breakfast pizza is the most common type of whole foods. (It’s important for protein absorption. For weight loss, the optimal amount of protein I eat seems to be 1.7g/lb/day.) Toast (14): Toast is a quick, healthy alternative to whole food breakfast foods. If you’re in a hurry, you can add these to your meals

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