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As you can imagine, it’s very hard to come up with some quick and easy answers. So with that in mind, my friend and colleague Dave Asprey has created a handy meal planner to help you plan your entire morning meal, including pre-made entrees, omelets, pancakes, coffee and more.

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Dr. Andrew Smith is the President of St. John’s University, a lecturer on Health Care Policy and a Clinical Professor of Medicine and Family Practice in the Department of Cardiology, with a special interest in obesity in adults. Dr. Smith is also the Director of the Health Policy Unit at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health.

Dr. Smith is a regular contributor to Health Affairs and Newstalk 1010 Radio.

Dr. Smith’s new novel is entitled The Big Fat Surprise. Available as a hardcover in September. Pre-order your copy now here.

This article is about the type of pet for use in The Sims 2: World Adventures and later The Sims 2: Pets and Sims 2: World Adventures. For the type of pet in previous The Sims games, see Bird.

The name Bird is a pun, to the word bird, and is the name used by Sims for most pets in World Adventures. Some people also use the term pet, depending on what their Sim’s goal at the moment might be.

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Sims can learn a Bird as a companion in the Animal World in The Sims 2, allowing them to hunt for food, travel the countryside, and keep the Birds in a stable.

Sims can learn a Bird as a companion with the Bird Pet Program in The Sims 2. It costs money to purchase a Pet, which becomes your Sim’s favorite pet (by default). As your Sim grows, you can train your own Animal Pet too. In this way you can have pets of your own that look just like regular Sim pets.

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To make a bird, a player can use a Bird Pet at a pet shop. In addition, they can buy Pet Stuff at the pet shop. This includes making a Bird on the Sims level. A Bird and Pet Stuff combo will cost $12,000, though a Bird and Pets may be purchased at the higher $13,000, so a Bird Pet and Pets may also be purchased for as little as $1.

Pet Stuff

Pet Stuff is a program for Sims which allows them

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