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There is no “best” diet for losing weight. But what is right for one individual might not be right for another. But what is right for one individual might be wrong for another. If you can’t live without something, then it cannot be right for you. That’s also your opinion.

“I know that I will lose my weight when I give up smoking. That’s my best hope.” —George Burns

The “best” diet for many people is an ad-libbed diet. They are all over the place on what is good for their lifestyle.
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“If you can’t live without this, you’ll starve to death” —Theodore Roosevelt

You will not gain weight. What you will gain is your self respect. When you learn that you are better than the person you think you are -you start looking yourself in the mirror.

“If you can’t live without this, starve to death” —Theodore Roosevelt

The only diet one can live by is the weight loss diet. It’s the one that works. You will start to lose weight. You will start to feel confident. Maybe you will meet someone or you will meet someone in a relationship that you think is perfect. You will start to know that this person has enough resources to make any change possible. You will be better than you thought. You will be more powerful, more powerful than you think you can ever be.

“No matter how much you want to, no matter what you do, if you continue to deprive yourself of this simple substance, your life will be empty, dull and gray.” —Ralph Waldo Emerson

You are not going to “just magically” go from 300 to 600, but the only way you will learn to do it, is to learn to be aware of your feelings and emotions. To use them effectively. To be able to change them if you need to. To take control of them so they don’t become your enemy, not yourself. Be ready.

“What you can’t avoid is unavoidable; whatever you can’t avoid, you have to live in the realization that what you can’t avoid will make it easier to do.” —George Eliot

People who make excuses for themselves don’t understand that they get why they can’t eat what they want. They don’t realize that they are making a choice. They just can’t do without a treat. Because, if they had to choose, what would they choose? A

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