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For example I was having lunch with a friend during my break. We were discussing a lot of things which is a great way to have a conversation about your new food choices. The conversation became too long and I realized that I was so obsessed with what was going on at the table that I was eating just another food.

So I decided to go to the bathroom to grab the last two ingredients for my salad. I noticed a really huge container of peanut butter (I’m not sure which I’m supposed to use). I remember thinking to myself, wow, I am about to eat peanut butter. When she came back from the bathroom, I was so surprised; she didn’t come back with it to make peanut butter. She just came back with a bottle of water (because maybe if my meal was over, she shouldn’t have had to go through all of that). I thought, maybe it was only peanut butter that I was eating because I thought I may be too fat to eat peanut butter at lunch. But I was definitely eating it before I realized it or maybe it was some other food that I was eating.

At this point I wasn’t really sure because I thought at least she had brought it back with her, because I knew you go grocery shopping with the other friends from school, you know it’s probably going to be a good day. Plus I didn’t want to be eating something completely unhealthy, I want this to be healthy so I know what to look out for. So I ate the lunch I had been eating before the conversation; that was about a 1.8 ounce portion of peanut butter without any syrup, cream, nutty. It didn’t look too bad either.

I tried to put more thought in the next time I was eating in the grocery store so I wouldn’t buy something I wasn’t sure was healthy, like maybe I should order another container of water in the case I needed more. I just realized that I needed to look back and say, “I’m so stupid, I thought that was an awesome way to think about your salad!” But I was still obsessed and I felt like what I was eating probably was good for me, because I decided to just keep doing what I was doing.

When I would go shopping in the future, I would be sure to check the labels to see what was in the peanut butter and the other ingredients but the label didn’t say anything about peanuts. I don’t have a big pot of peanut butter in the house so I’d have

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