Will I lose weight if I stop eating for 3 days?


Do I need to do my weight loss diet again if it’s not working?

Yes, but you will need to start your diet again at a time when your body is in a state of balance. That means getting your weight down by at least one pound, which you can accomplish by eating a low-fibre or no-fibre high-fat diet until you lose 12 to 30 extra pounds.

Are the calories in this diet any different than the calories you would consume if it was normal to you?

Only on one level — the calories don’t change. They’re still calories you need to maintain your weight, and the fat that you lose does not go to support new body building muscle. In other words, if you start the week having a low-fibre diet and end up having a high-fibre high-fat diet, you won’t see a dramatic difference in the quality of your body.

What happens if I eat too much?

All your body makes in one day is stored as fat, and eating too much will start to contribute to the problem. If you eat two or three extra pounds of fat a day you’ll be eating out of the weight storage space in your body, causing other body parts to lose weight as well.

Where will the fat go to?

The fat will go to one place — your brain. So the fat will be more likely to sit at the back of the brain, called the hypothalamus, than in other areas of the body, which means fewer calories will be going to your body and more going to your brain.

If I increase the amount I eat, will the fat go to the hypothalamus or back to the other body areas?

Yes. All the fat has to be stored in your brain.

This is something you should know if you’re overweight or if you have some other health condition like diabetes or heart disease. When you consume too many calories, your body turns into a version of the fat-burning muscle cells known as “fat cells” in your abdominal and lower limbs. As those fat cells are activated, they release hormones that make you hungry. That makes you eat a lot just because you want more calories to be stored.

Can a low-fibre diet help me lose weight?

The answer is an emphatic ‘yes’. That’s because the fat in the diet is stored in all the right places