Can you make money selling furniture on Etsy?

I’m always working with my shop, and I also sell some merchandise online. Etsy is where I sell my furniture, but not nearly as many items as I’d like to be able sell online because there aren’t any sellers or buyers interested in the items.

How can you sell on Etsy without making any money?

You can sell in any style. You’re pretty restricted to one item a day unless you buy a certain price range, which will probably be less than $150. But, since you can make your items yourself, that means if you decide that you’re bored or need to be more creative, you can sell items that aren’t quite as pretty but you like a lot.

What’s your current process for creating your clothing line?

There’s a lot more work involved with making clothing as opposed to making one big piece of furniture or one painting for your home. You have to make the fabric, the pieces, the sewing that goes into making the item so you have to invest in time and work. You can make clothing with a lot more skill than making something that’s for a single season like an artwork.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

As far as making furniture goes, Etsy is a very useful tool to help me. The best thing with Etsy is there are so many different types of sellers trying to sell things and the prices don’t necessarily vary that much. With that alone, Etsy is really helpful for anyone wanting to sell their pieces online.

Photo by: Sarah Boes

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