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Pentagon to invest up to $100m for training, surveillance, intelligence and equipment for Syrian rebels

The US has agreed to send up to $100 million for training and equipment for Syrian rebels as part of a joint military training exercise with Jordan, according to a senior defense official.

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The US will also train a US-led coalition of five countries as part of the training exercise in Jordan.

In addition, the US will provide up to $200,000 for communications gear for Syrian officials to help them get better informed, the official said.

“As we’re training there, we’re getting information about who is on the ground, where we are training and what we’re trying to do,” said the official.

The training will begin in early September in Jordan and include air force operations, ground troops, reconnaissance and electronic intelligence collection, according to the official.

The training will not have a military component, the official said.

Last Update: Friday, 26 August 2013 KSA 08:24 – GMT 05:24

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