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As the only woodworking school in Southern California, we offer many of the tools for the hobby that are typically found in your standard woodworking toolbox. If you’re a beginner working on your own or in a small shop, we have the tools that will help you get started. If you need more specialized tools, we have the most reliable ones in our collection. We also offer online courses in woodworking, so you can learn more about woodworking, apply the skills you learn, and eventually build a shop from scratch.

Why should I become a member of Woodworker’s Supply?

As a member, we allow you to buy new tooling and woodworking supplies in-house and are able to ship all product in a convenient, affordable shipping box. The school also has many opportunities for student support, including weekly “Woodworker’s Lunch,” to help offset the costs (not including shipping) of running the School.

Where can I purchase materials for my woodworking project?

We have a great mix of materials and equipment including planters, frames, mortise and tenon set ups, planks, mortise and tenon set ups, and many more. Whether you’re a novice or someone who wants to improve your woodworking skills, we have the equipment you need to get started.

Who is the certified apprentice in woodworking for?

All Woodworker’s Supply students are certified in one of our three craft certification programs:

MTA Certified


TA-WCE (formerly TESLA)

How come Woodworker’s Supply makes so much wood?

Woodworker’s Supply is owned and operated by the same people who teach woodworking to schools in so many other states. We pride ourselves on how easy it is to become a member and on the quality of our products so that you can start making things in your own shop.

How can I buy woodmaking equipment at the School?

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We sell some of our own wood including plans and mortises and tenons kits. We also make a wide variety of woodworking tools and other furniture tools and supplies.

How can I join as a member while I’m waiting for my course materials?

When you purchase materials from our online store and are waiting for materials to be shipped, just fill out this form and we’ll email you our order # for you.

What do I call my school?

We call our school Woodworker’s

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