How can I make $100 a day?

We’re not sure exactly what you mean by “make money every day. You know what’s the best money to buy or to rent?” It may seem like the same question, but it’s just a different interpretation of the same concept. You have another way to think, and it does require some creativity.

First, find a job or business that your family values. Ask them what they think your career path should be. Next, develop a plan to get there.

For example, you can become a teacher, or a carpenter, by spending a few years finding a job. If you feel adventurous, try opening a bookstore. These are all options you can pursue if you want to earn a few bucks a day (or, more simply, a few dollars on the side).

It’s best to find something that feels rewarding, but has little risk. Do a ton of research (which may or may not involve asking your family to pay for it) and find something that you feel comfortable with.

You can also work for a temp agency or work at home full-time. It would almost be better to work as a part-time freelance consultant, writing and delivering content for several different clients. If your work is popular and you have free time, work from home or, ideally, take time off from your day job and work for yourself full-time.

Here are a few resources for ideas:

A lot of people get stuck in the “you’re still not sure which business you want to open” trap. Here are two helpful advice books I found on Amazon.

2. What is my career path?

The next time you’re faced with a question like, “how do I plan for my career path,” focus on your career as a whole. That means figuring out the things that will make you more attractive to others in your career.

Don’t assume that a random factoid like “I’m a good kisser” or “I like to cook,” or even “I make great tacos” is going to magically turn you into a millionaire. That can’t happen. This is why you want to keep your eyes open and take a second to think about everything you could possibly accomplish in your career.

Think about the things you could do that you don’t have an obvious interest in. For example, can you talk about your hobbies or passions?

Don’t assume that someone else’s life is the right way to go.