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We have a few different types of woodworking shop kits available. Our kits are designed for makers of any skill level, whether they have a shop in their backyard or the entire family members are into handcrafting together.

With our Woodwork Studio Kit, you will have everything you need to begin a woodworking workshop in about 6 hours.

Whether you’re an experienced woodworker or haven’t even seen a saw before, or you’re just ready to make something cool, we have it all here in the Studio Kit.

This kit includes everything you need for your woodworking kit from sand paper to screwdrivers, wood stain and wood glue.

Kit comes unassembled, but assembly is easy enough that you can even have your kid help with the actual saw.

The Woodwork Studio Kit comes with everything you need for up to 18 woodworkers, from beginning woodworkers all the way to people who have made it all the way to professional woodworkers.


Instructions (for beginners – PDF)

Woodblock template


Woodcutting board


Wood stain

Wood glue


T-Handle clamp (for turning)

Paintbrush (paint or acrylic)

Sand paper

Saw (optional)

T-Head screwdriver

Wood block

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You’ve been writing a lot for the New Yorker recently. What’s the most interesting new piece you’ve published in quite a while?

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When I saw that title, I wasn’t sure how to feel about it. What does that mean for the Internet? Who is this person? What does she want?

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