How do I start a small woodworking shop?

If you are looking to start a woodworking shop in Manitoba please first try to find what type of woodworking operation you want to do. You may want to start with a small hand made project or you may simply want to do one that will be more easily accessible than a more commercial type of woodworking operation. I always tell my clients that you can usually find the most reliable jobs in a small business setting and to just look for something you would like to do.

You can always start a workshop without actually buying anything, just find someone to volunteer with you and be prepared to hire someone to attend the business development workshop and support you as it grows.

It is very important to start a small business operation with the vision to expand in the future. If you start in a small business there is more potential for success because there is a higher expectation that you work with other people rather than buying a lot of machinery to do the job you do. There are always many more opportunities for you to learn and grow as a business owner, especially if you have the desire to expand.

You can find out a lot about each of the jobs I am going to cover by going to the following pages.

The Basic Woodworking Setup – This page goes through the basic woodworking setup which is simple for beginning woodworkers and provides a brief list of how to start a woodworking shop from the beginning. The basic setup includes the basics of furniture construction, the benching method, the lathe and the hammering method.

How to Setup a Bench on a Benchtop – This page goes through the basic lumbering setup which includes how to install the lumbering table, the bench and how to work on the bench. It also goes over the various lumbering tools that are available to you.

Lumbering Basics – This article goes over the basics of lumbering. It includes some basic lumbering tools and supplies, lumberyard information, how to locate a lumberyard and information about how to go about buying lumber.

Wood and Hardware – This section is an easy to use resource for anyone looking to learn how to setup and build lumbering equipment. I also link to a few other useful websites including this one. The article goes over the basics of woodworking including everything from how to install an oak bench to how to choose the right hardware.

Building a Lathe and Hammering Machine – This article covers the basics of a lathe, including basic techniques to build one and how to find