How do you become a master carpenter? – Woodworking Business

We’ve been making things for 12 years. We started off making furniture and have done some more stuff with them.

What’s your favourite thing to make?

I think it’s the whole process of creating something. You’ve got to have a very, very good idea of the way you want it to be. You work with people, get their opinions about how great it should be, and then you work with them for longer than normal, and see if it comes to reality. If it doesn’t, you move on and go make another.

What do the best carpenters do?

I’d say if you want to make things in a really good way, you should take your time and do it properly. It’s important to make things that sound good for the customer, that their ears are going to love, and the customer is going to love.

What do you hate the least?

Making things that I might not use. For instance, I made a set of shelves because I saw people using the doors with a shelf and a bed liner. I wanted to make something different, so that wasn’t the way I was going to make it. You take your time, make the best thing you can, and take it to the customer. If it’s something they really enjoy, and has a place of its own but is still recognisable, they’ll love it.

Who would you like to see on our show?

My favourite thing to make would be a chair that you can stand up on, and it gets really low and gets in the way of the car. For cars, I’d love to do a steering wheel for you.

Where will you be next?

I’ll be going right to Germany for two months. I’m going back to the UK in mid-March for another six-month programme. For that, I’ll be going to Manchester. I’m going to work on an area as well, and get rid of the car and then get it fixed.

It’s been amazing to meet you. Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to speak to us.

You bet.

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