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How do you carve a wooden sign?

What a perfect opportunity to start learning a new skill! Do you want a great way to start learning a new skill?

I know I do! I’m very excited as I get started on building my brand new sign and you want this one too!

In the end, I’ll be sending the completed sign to our custom woodcarver, so you can start carving it right away without any real work.

This is perfect for those of you who don’t have much time, and you feel your ability as a woodworker would be very valuable! If you like these kinds of items, please consider donating and joining our Team! We would love to have you!

Thanks and Merry Christmas!

I’m excited for Christmas because I’m getting to craft some very pretty things in our workshop, and I know you’ll love seeing them!

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The last six years have been a time of major turbulence for a wide range of human rights groups (see here and here and for a recap, see “Inequality, Inequality, and the Human Rights Imperatives of the 21st Century”). In a country such as China where the rich and the great have been consolidating their position and consolidating their power, the rights of the poor have been the subject of considerable attention. And what were their results?

The recent China Human Rights Journal (CHHRJ) was one of the last major collections of such scholarly reports to be published in China, and the editors of the series, from China Human Rights Defenders Association and the World Congress of Human Rights Lawyers, in Beijing, are hoping that the quality of the work that was put forth will be recognized worldwide.

The CHHRJ was published in the early 2000s — when China was rapidly emerging from the Cultural Revolution and its subsequent years of reform and opening up to the world. The series consisted of six volumes, ranging from 2002 to 2007. In 2008 the series was cancelled; and from 2009 on, the series continued from the fourth volume (the seventh volume is still in progress).

In March 2009, China’s Ministry or State Council released the results of the study commissioned by the Ministry of Justice [PDF] at the beginning of 2009

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