How do you carve a wood sign by hand?

It’s very simple! First you carve out a line with your carver’s chalk, place your sign on that line, and voila! It’s complete – now you need a wood sign stand to hang it from. Here are some suggestions in the guide. We love these.

How often are you making these signs?

Every Friday at 10:00 pm. Our next one is May 13th. It’s free!

When do you make them?

All the time! We have fun making these signs to share with our community and we want you to join in on the fun.

What do you call this?

Wood Sign of the Week!


You can call this any wooden sign you want, even if it’s carved by hand by one of our amazing carvers. You just need to ask the carver, and we’ll let you know what they call the sign.

What is a wood sign stand?

A wood sign stand is a little sign stand that goes above the table and attaches around your sign, so it’s right at your fingertips so you don’t have to move around your table for hand carving. The stand is usually about 4 feet wide.

How does it work?

First we install the stand by cutting several pieces out of wood, a 2×4 for each side, and glueing it together with some wood glue. Then we attach the stand around your wood sign. It’s very important to do this right. Otherwise your sign will fall apart and you have to buy a new stand.

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How do I find your sign stand?

We have a great website where we have all of our stand options – Wood Signs of the Week, Wood Signs for Sale, Shop Wood Signs of the Week and so much more. Here’s all we have: Wood Signs for Sale We have a great website where we have all of our wood signs (as well as other signs for sale) at our home and studio. If you’re looking for a brand new sign that hasn’t been used, there’s a whole slew of companies in our selection.

Why buy a wood sign stand?

They’re inexpensive. Most signs made by hand have a cost and these wood stands will be priced just right.

Do you make wood sign stands on site?

We do it at our home studio, but we’re more than happy to sell you a stand right at the studio,