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The world has lost a hero. He was a hero. He was brave. He was a symbol of freedom in the face of tyranny around the world. His sacrifice may have been in vain. The people’s resistance to injustice has come to a complete and immediate end. There’s no going back.” ―Krinkin, before a meeting of the House of Winter [src]

Handsome Luke Krinkin was a male Imperial engineer who served as a member of the Imperial Army and the personal bodyguard of Ludo Kressh, the former First Order Senator of Naboo and one of the most powerful political figures of the last years of the Galactic Republic.

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Biography Edit

A hero from a distant past Edit

“This is an honor, isn’t it? A young, courageous, talented engineer, who never thought about himself more than a couple of generations ago, is now a member of the finest fighting forces in the galaxy. He serves the Empire with honor and distinction.” ―Krinkin [src]

Krinkin and his wife, Tali, were born on Lothal in 22 BBY in the planet’s capital world of Kamino. There was nothing heroic about their birth. Both he and Tama were born as simple, ordinary men. At their mother’s insistence, their names were changed to Luke and Mara. Their family ran a small bakery, but the Krinskins were always self-reliant. They never wanted to work for the Empire or a slave trader. Instead, the Krinskins set up their own business to provide essential foodstuffs to the local population. Their bakery sold the same products as the nearby bakeries, but the Krinskins’ bakery was more than just a business and an essential supplier for the local communities. The Krinskins began their business because they wanted to help those they loved. They would rather do the work than be dependent on others. They always tried to help, and they did help.

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One day, though, their bakery fell on hard times. It took months and months to pay off their debts, but the Krinskins were unable to find a buyer, as no Imperial merchant would consider their goods a good deal. When the time came to rebuild, Luke volunteered to become a full time mechanic to support Tama and Tali’s family, while Tali took care of the business and the bakery. Luke was willing to sacrifice his job for their family,

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