How much does it cost to start a woodworking business? – Woodworking Business Book

I’ve been designing and manufacturing woodworking products since 1993. I’ve sold woodworking tools, furniture and cabinet making supplies, wood products and craft supplies. I’ve been involved in local woodworking projects, but I’ve created my own products. In addition, I’ve sold my woodworking business to other people who have an interest in woodworking in their own locations.

What kinds of things do you sell?

I have a variety of woods for sale and can produce as many or as few pieces as needed for a client.

What do you sell?

I offer a full range of product offerings, including woodworking tools, work benches, and furniture making supplies (chopsticks and bowls). I sell my woodworking production products in my two locations in Florida and New Hampshire.

What do you charge for each sale?

There are many different price quotes I can give for a variety of product offerings on a woodworking, lumber, furniture making and woodworking supply business website. Typically, my prices are listed for the product category, but I will adjust the price based on the type of product and size of order.

What do you charge for the materials for these supplies? (How much does it cost to create a desk or chair?)

I will have a quote from my lumber supplier.

What are some other considerations you would say if you needed more information on start up costs?

I would love to find out more information about starting a woodworking business. My knowledge about the start up process will be helpful.

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