How much money does a woodworker make a year?

According to American Woodmark, which keeps a directory of woodworkers, a woodworker makes $45,000 in 2004, an average of about $45,000 a year. Many states pay more than $50,000.

2. There are very few people who work on furniture.

One in eight workers is on the assembly line, making items like the door frames, railings, etc. That number may shrink as factories get more complex, but it’s small.

3. Even if we make every machine in our house, we still don’t have enough money for furniture.

We need more stuff and we need more room, so we need more furnitures. A lot of woodworkers make over $50,000 in their careers. Woodworking jobs are usually short-term and they offer good benefits.

4. We need to move to the East Coast.

Not only can we pay for furniture more easily, but we don’t have to worry about where our next furniture purchase is coming from. You can’t be competitive against a big company like Wal-Mart just because you’re in Maine or New Hampshire.

5. All these jobs could go away in a year.

A lot of people say that their job will end because they need to move or retire. The truth is, if we had a higher unemployment rate, we wouldn’t have to spend much time looking for new jobs. The jobs that we do do come with benefits, so they’re there for us when we need them.

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