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Yes, with some conditions. The primary one being:

– you can’t buy materials that have been shipped out of the country but haven’t started to arrive yet. You can, however, sell your own personal items when they have been shipped out.

– you can no longer sell your own personal items. You can sell items that have yet to leave the country.

– you no longer sell items that have not been sent out of the country. You can sell items that have still to ship.

– you have to sell your personal items in the same month that you ship them in.

The second condition has to do with how the game rolls. All the personal items are sold until the very last day they’re allowed on your shelves – otherwise, you lose everything. So you can sell your personal items after they are all ready – but only if they arrive on a different day then the date the inventory was created, so any personal items that have arrived earlier than that are gone.

There are also some other rules about how much you can get for your goods and the prices you can get for each item.

Will the game be available again?

A: Yes, in its current form (2.5.1) but please note that these versions of the game were not meant to be used by new players. They have a few issues that can’t be fixed, and are not guaranteed to work with any versions released after that.

Why haven’t the previous versions come out?

A: It’s been too long.

How can I play the prototype/early access on my PC?

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A: To make the experience more balanced for all players, here are four main changes that need to be made to ensure that not all players experience identical gameplay on different versions of the game:

— Added new crafting system to reduce grinding.

— Added items that require crafting to acquire.

— Changed how some items cost to purchase.

— Added new items that can be obtained through playing the prototype version – as a result, the cost to buy an item on the prototype version is different from the cost to purchase it on the final release version (if an item can be bought, you will not receive any benefit for it on the final version).

— Added a maximum of 6 character slots, and a starting inventory of 20 items.

Note that these changes only affect how a character’s slots are used.

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