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I was surprised that even if there were a small surplus of the product, it would have increased sales. Why should a handicraft business be viable?

I guess you are right, not all handicrafts are profitable at the moment.

Thank you for the questions. A quick overview of the process. What we need to do in order to get started as a freelance writer is:

• Write your idea and give it to the right people. They then decide whether they’ll be interested in it and decide on the details.

• Find a sponsor who will provide their services (writing the outline, proofreading of the manuscript, editing, etc.). They will pay between Rs. 100 to 1,000 per page.

• Find your writing mentor. They will tell you what is the best way to write. At the very least they should help make you pay attention to your writing.

some beneficial advice on identifying key elements for ...

• You need a website. I have never found one.

You have to go to a website as a freelancer. You can use some good website builder like WordPress or Blogger.

There are many more websites such as:

• A

• Writing workshops

• WriterBros — A website for writers, artists, teachers and others interested in publishing, publishing reviews, and other articles about writing

You can also search for freelancer services, e.g. freelancer software solutions, freelancer websites, marketing tools, tools to search for freelance writing jobs in any language, tools for freelancing, websites for freelance writing projects, etc.

I hope that helps some of you.

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