Is it cheaper to build your own furniture?


Why do you need more money? Because I need to make all my other dreams come true.

Why do you hate living the traditional lifestyle? Because when I go to a big city my friends are not interested in my big city life.

Why not be single with no financial commitments? I get bored of having money.

I want to be in a relationship but I can’t commit for more than one month.

I want to be in a relationship with a man and make a big commitment on this man and then have to give him back again.

I want my children to be in a normal family life in the future and feel less stress than they do now.

I do not feel strong enough in myself for a relationship.

I am having problems with mental illness.

My finances are not helping me in my relationships.

I am stressed when trying to keep everything together. A few thoughts about what has helped me: – I do not like being with people I don’t know. I am less likely to get on with people who are good friends. Having money will help a number of important people be on my side. I’m not interested in becoming a “lucky duck” if other men are good friends with each other. I will never go to bed in complete security. I would rather be a “lucky duck” when trying to get it right with one man or woman. I don’t like having to keep everything in order. My finances are not enough to pay for everything I need. I try to make a number of big commitments in the hope that one person will see a pattern of “things I need done” and it will become their responsibility. I want to keep all of my money close to my heart.

There has been a massive improvement in my attitude to money, because even though I don’t need money I love to have it. I’ve also had a huge change in my attitude to sex, because I do not feel the need for it. Also, my health is improving drastically because I’m not putting so much pressure on myself. Now, I’ll get more sexual pleasure out of it and the quality of sex has improved drastically. I’ll always need money, but I’m getting used to what it is. The real life of a single person I live in today. With enough money I can afford to go anywhere and be anywhere, go to college and be accepted as an actual “student”. A single person can