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The main reason people sell their handmade furniture for profit is because they don’t have the skill, knowledge, and experience to make it. In some cases, people sell their work because it is fun and satisfying to them. You may also learn about the skills or process needed, or discover that making a custom piece is an art form for you.

What is the difference between the craftsman/customer relationship and the buyer/seller relationship?

The buyer/seller relationship involves the buyer buying a product that he/she is interested in, and the seller selling the product that she/he is interested in, based on a mutually defined value proposition. These value propositions can be complex and nuanced.

A buyer/seller relationship begins with an initial offer, and extends into a sale that is contingent on the buyer (me) satisfied with the finished product. The process of selling the finished product (whether in person, by phone, or through online shopping sites) is a continuous negotiation that can take many stages.

In the case of an online market, the relationship is a little different. When a customer sets out to buy a product, this usually involves a direct exchange of offers, and a relationship is formed between the two parties. This is also referred to as ‘marketing’.

If a business operates as a marketplace, the buyer is usually a seller’s ‘product’ (or ‘purchaser’), and the sellers are buyers.

While there have been a few online businesses that cater for both the buyer and seller (such as Etsy and Etsy Direct), the vast majority of such businesses are still businesses that primarily sell goods to people who are interested in buying the items, rather than selling goods to people who are interested in buying the items.

What does it take to get started selling with Etsy? What is the difference between creating your own shop and buying a listing?

In order to buy and sell a listing, someone you know has to sell the item to you while you are on Etsy. There are two requirements for buying and selling with Etsy:
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1- A listing that is a sale has to be listed in the marketplace before it can be sold by the buyer to the seller. (However, if the selling party is someone you know and trust (as in a professional networking event), you can use their information for the item to be listed in the marketplace.)

2- As of January 2018 (and every October for listings up until December 2018), sellers will need

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