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We all love to build, but for woodworking to become a full-time passion, you need a steady, reliable job and, preferably, some money. Our shop does not operate on a one-off basis. With the right equipment, we can create an assembly line like no other, but, realistically, that’s just not feasible with our small workshop.

Our shop is the only place you can come to turn your dream into reality – a place where you can shop for your unique needs while we turn your hobby into the next chapter of your life.

Image caption The BBC report has provoked some angry comments on social media

A “highly credible” BBC investigation into the death of an Iraqi man who fell a mile off a roof in Glasgow has sparked debate over the “need” for such investigations, say those who have been briefed on the case.

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Abdul Hakim al-Khayal slipped from the roof of his house to avoid falling on his head as he left a family celebration, when he fell 40ft (12m) to the ground.

He suffered more than 100 shattered bones and a broken knee and was rushed to St James’s hospital.

The BBC reported the death has raised questions over whether people, especially children and teenagers, are put at risk by falling from heights.

The BBC is not naming the man, who was named locally as Abdul Hakim al-Khayal, aged 27, who has links to the Shia Muslim community near the city of Kirkuk, but has been identified by a source close to his family.

Mr al-Khayal fell from the top of the house as police tried to clear its rubble after the party for his son’s 16th birthday.

‘A child caught in the fall’

He fell 40ft to the ground. It is now understood the family did not want to go to hospital at the time because they were worried that Abdul Hakim might drop dead.

His relatives say they were not at the party and that he was just returning to his own house after a trip to pick up some items for his son, who lives in a nearby town.

Speaking after his son’s 10th birthday, Abdul Hakim, a father-of-three, said he felt like he was “in a nightmare”.

He says he was not drunk at the time, but his friend who was taking his place had taken his drink and he had been worried something might happen

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