Is Woodworking an expensive hobby?

Not really‚Äďa well-designed woodworking shop can cost up to $100,000 and the best woodworking companies charge hundreds of dollars a month for access to experienced woodworker experts.

But it’s not necessarily expensive at all. The woodworking software you use can help you save money as well.

Are woodworking tools costly?


You get what you pay for?

For example, I’ve used a lot of cutting instruments when making woodworking projects, which range from small, affordable hand planes to more expensive “milled” planes and tables.

What’s next after woodworking?

So, what do you want to take first when creating a home for yourself as a woodworker? Why not start by learning woodworking tools, then build on these skills?

When you start a small woodshop you’ll have a more accurate idea of your tool needs. After this you can move on to more complex projects and develop the skills needed to make the furniture you want, without the expense.

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