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The cost difference is minuscule. If you want the best quality with the lowest price, you usually have to get the miter saw and table saw. The quality varies.

I have a small shop and want to improve my design. What tools would I need?

The same tools can be used for most designs. The table saw, miter saw, and mandrel cutters you need probably won’t be readily available in your shop. There are some more expensive choices. Look for tablesaw and bench grinder tools. For a high-end table saw, buy a heavy duty one with a 10- to 30-foot cord. And look for a grinder tool with a 1,000 lb. rating. Grinders with that rating are heavy. They need to be strong. You can learn how to make a table saw with a heavy bit and a table grinder that can support that weight. When I bought the same table saw and my grinder didn’t include a 10,000 lb. table grinder bit and I bought an expensive grinder bit that I didn’t need I had no choice but to buy the same thing that the competitor didn’t have (a heavy bit) and buy a new table saw that wouldn’t even lift the table. We also didn’t need a 10-foot mandrel grinder bit that is much thicker than the cheapest one we had, so I paid more for a heavy duty mandrel grinder bit. If your table saw and grinder don’t come with a 10-foot mandrel, buy what the manufacturer recommends. Also consider looking for inexpensive hand saws. They don’t come off the factory stand much, but the quality is probably quite good.

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How would you describe the quality of a table saw? How do I know it was made with quality materials?

A table saw is made from steel and its materials are carefully chosen for it’s strength, wear resistance, and longevity. You need to know what kind of steel is used in a table saw and what kind of steel is used in an oven. A table saw can have metal bits or stainless steel, and a stainless steel table saw and an aluminum table saw may be made from stainless steel in the oven, but one wouldn’t know unless the saw is opened and inspected.

As for how the table saw is made, I believe the most expensive table saw that costs more than $1,000 is also the oldest in a large company. You’ll learn that from watching

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