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I think the answer is that people make it easy on each other and that is the basis of all commerce in a society; that is the way the free market system works. You can always ask people to do something, and when they do it, people go out and get more.

Is it fair to give someone like John McCain and Sarah Palin all the credit in the world for saving the United States from itself?

It’s the other way around. I’m a little bit of an optimist. I think people will ultimately find themselves in charge of their own destiny, that they will decide to make themselves better than they are. I don’t think anything else matters.

Did the Iraq war give you a sense of foreboding?

Mostly I felt bad. I had just had an argument that went beyond the boundaries of acceptable discourse–not the sort of thing that gives me a bad feeling–but that was the first time I ever felt I was not at home. That was the first real sense of déjà vu. It was a real sense of, “I’m not at home here, the way I was before.” That I had been used to having a lot of support. To come out of it with a really low view of those on the other side had made me very, very vulnerable.

How do you approach your job?

There is no way around it. The best way is to simply say, “I’m not going to take it anymore.” That’s basically what I do.

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How do you avoid becoming a hypocrite?

Look, I love telling the truth, but that’s not the way that a guy who is willing to violate all rules to get things done ends up making things happen. You can think you’re doing things that you’re not doing really well, but you’re not really doing things that are the true way of doing things to make things happen.

How do you get your friends to support you when you’re in office?

I’m not a very good dealmaker, so I know that the people who are willing to listen to me know what is going on and they understand how to deal. It’s a relationship-management thing. We’re partners.

You mentioned your job as a senator, but I think many people think the job of the president is somehow a part-time job and I have to tell you as long as I am here, I cannot see myself doing any

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