What can I build at home to sell?

You can sell anything you build at home. As long as it is under 1000 sq ft. (it is not required to be for sale!) you can sell it. You must not have any equity in the space or you may get a refund and you will still get to live in your finished house in one piece. This is what we call “The Big Thing” – a “big thing” is a big time investment.

What is being sold?

It is a custom built home. Our home is made with many of the design features you’d find in an apartment. You can easily use some of our products with any type of construction including cement blocks or bricks. If required a contractor can provide the service for you. If you would like a quote on a larger unit, or a custom layout, ask us.

Can I build a house the way I want it?

The design for your home will change from one home to another and depending on the amount of space you have available we can build many different sizes, styles and layouts for you.

Will I have to put anything on the home other than the basics to start with if I want to make a home?

Yes! If you would like us to build you a house for free, or would like to see your house before purchase, you just need to pay the deposit (we’ll cover the other part). For more information check out the FAQs.

Where can I buy a house for less than $100,000?

You can buy a home for less than $100,000 in Vancouver, Vancouver Island and British Columbia. These properties are built with lots of room and lots of features such as a living room, dining room, kitchen and shower/bathroom. These are great for those wanting to build their own home, or if you need to move to a new town.

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Saskatoon police, which have been monitoring the protest every hour of every day since last Tuesday, said no further actions would be taken against protesters.

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