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There are several things you can make selling your custom items on the Trading Post. You can earn money from selling items with reputation that can be used in the store. You can also make money selling items that you have crafted using the crafting profession at your skill level. You can sell your custom items at a profit if your items are selling well for many people.

A recent analysis of public opinion conducted by a pair of professors at Harvard University and the University of Michigan reveals how the average American values a woman president. The two professors, Elaine Kamarck and Wendy O. Williams, asked Americans to assess the qualities of a President Obama and their vote for him for president. They found, among other things, that Barack Obama is more likely to be a feminist than any other president in U.S. history. Furthermore, the average American believes that the majority of men in the U.S. are incapable of being misogynists, while the average American believes that women are guilty of sexual harassment if they are alone in a room with a man. The Harvard/UMich study goes on to note that “women’s empowerment” may be a “fad” of the recent years, but “in the end, they are the majority”.

These are findings that resonate not only with the average American woman, but with everyone with whom I have spoken during the past week.

What’s more, these findings have led some women to rethink their views on Hillary Clinton:

In a recent article, I wrote that many American women who supported Clinton in 2008 were shocked and disappointed by her 2008 presidential election loss. Now they’ve changed their minds. “I never doubted Clinton’s commitment to equality, but I never imagined that Obama would do exactly what I thought he would,” said Michelle Williams – editor of the website “It’s time to move forward on women in power”. She says she changed her mind after learning more about Obama’s campaign pledges. “While Michelle believes that America needs a female president,” reads her article, “Michelle believes that we cannot have more of a woman in the same space as a woman unless there is a female president.”

While we can debate the merits of Obama’s campaign pledges, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of opposition to his ideas about addressing domestic violence and other issues associated with gender. Obama is just one of a relatively small group of people who actually believe that women are victims of sexual harassment, and they all have the common theme – they think it’s “commonplace”.

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