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You can have one of these apps installed by clicking the “Add to Kindle” button on the app cover or by using your Kindle eReader. If you decide you want to use your Kindle in this way, make sure that each page is loaded by a separate JavaScript file from your Kindle, which runs at every step of the process.

If you also want to create your own custom Kindle pages for your articles and books, you will need to get the Adobe Access library. This is a free service available on many websites that enable you to create your own custom content via web pages. It allows you to export the exported XML files at will.

My Kindle is broken. Why do I have to do this?

There are a number of reasons why some users are having issues.

It’s often easier to solve a problem by solving it before it is too late. To help make this easier, the Kindle developer team has introduced a number of solutions for the common problems users run into.

You may have an error that causes the reader to crash. Here is a list of known Kindle problems currently fixed: https://bugs.kodi.tv/show_bug.php?id=813

We have received reports of Kindle problems from some of our users due to a change in the way that the app interacts with some hardware that is found on some models of Kindle devices. It does not affect any other model of Kindle and is not a change that we are making for all Kindle users. If you find a problem with this behavior, please let us know if it still happens on your specific model of Kindle.

If the Kindle is freezing or the power button is not working when you hit refresh, please check your Kindle firmware. This includes the Kindle Firmware for e-readers. It is available here: http://www.kodi.tv/get-kodip-help/install-kodip

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Are you able to uninstall the app?

We are sorry, but the Kindle is in beta and we are not able to remove or disable it. However, you can remove the app by either deleting the downloaded HTML file (the Kindle_v_5.7.24_e_html.xml file), or by using a browser to save the file locally (it should be in your Downloads folder).

What kind of updates does the Kindle app have?

We recommend you check out our support page here:


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