What crafts are trending in 2020?

This is a great question, because I think that all of those craft types are pretty diverse and there are a lot of talented people, and even those with an interest in the other industries, who are not making the time to be active. So, this is one of those industries where I think there is really strong interest from the millennials on, “How can I make a difference? How can I help?” You know, that’s always interesting. I think there’s a ton of interest in things that have to do with art, so there’s a whole list of arts organizations that are doing great work. There are also a lot of organizations that I think have a unique perspective. You know, for example, I think there’s a lot of organizations that deal with food and beverage industry, and they just have a unique perspective because they’ve been focused on the hospitality industry, so they know a lot of the challenges that the hospitality industry faces so I think you have a lot of really unique organizations that I would encourage to step up to this challenge. Another thing that this has, which I think was a huge hit with people, I think these shows give people who are just like, “Hey! It doesn’t get much harder than this. I didn’t get into this industry to just make a buck, and to just save my life. I got here to learn, and I really want to impact a lot of folks, and really help this industry thrive so I am really curious to get into the next step and see how it’s going.”

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So, we’ve talked a lot about the idea now that we have like, five months of this coming up, and a ton of shows that we’ve announced over the past two years. How does that compare to a decade ago when, for example, MTV’s Dance Moms first came out?

Yeah. I guess you could say, it’s two shows in one, we started out with a million episodes and then over the course of two years they just sort of went downhill and ended up with 10 million. Then they came back and then we had another million and then another million and then they came back and had another million and then another million. Now we have over 3 billion episodes in our run and that’s a huge number. But, so when people watched MTV’s Dance Moms, there was this really significant, but you could say it really was a little bit of an “Oh my god, what the fuck is going on here?” moment. You know