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This question is about how the popularity of a piece of property is affected by other properties. For example, is the size of a house as important as its material? Does having a new kitchen make or break a property’s value?

For those thinking of buying in London, here’s some advice on the subject.

• What do properties that are priced at least £500,000 fetch in the market?

• And what’s selling at the same auction for that price?

Here’s a guide to what’s on sale in 2017 – and where you can buy it (or sell it) next week.

• How to buy a flat in London

• Here’s how much someone would love to buy from you

• Buy a property in London

• What you need to know about buying real estate in London

• Buy a flat or house outside of London in 2017

Buy Property in London 2017 Buy Property In London You can’t buy every property on the market in London, but you can try. Here are the most popular London property sales so far. Which properties are on sale and when? And here’s the best way to pay for it in cash. London property prices are set to get a bit more interesting when the Office of Fair Trading announces a number of special sales.

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But you won’t find any of these on the website of The Property List, the biggest and most popular online property auction site, which aims to help you buy or sell property anywhere in the world – and, on the site, it’s now making property in London more popular than ever.

It’s not just the prices that are high: In the second half of 2016, the auction site saw property selling for more than £500,000 in London, up from £310,000 last year. It’s also seen prices rise every month in 2016: The best-selling properties in the UK in 2016 were all worth about £4m, as of December and January, for example.

The website’s popularity in the runup to the Brexit referendum in June, and its current boom on the market was the impetus for its launch earlier this year, as its owner, Chris Foulkes, explained at the time.

“The first thing that people do when seeing the prices they can access on our site, they think that we have the property on the market for the cheapest price. But that is clearly not the case,” Mr Foulkes said.

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