What is a professional woodworker called? – Names For A Woodworking Business

When someone calls themselves a woodworker they are most likely referencing their ability to produce a quality product – a ‘satisfaction’ is how they describe it. The term comes from craftsmen who had a passion for their craft and wanted to be recognized within the industry. Most craftsmen now are highly recognized as the most recognized woodworker in the world. They also have the right to own their own business, which is a great thing for anyone that wants to start their own business. The main goal is the same as it was 200 years ago – to provide that quality to the people that work with you, whether you are the woodworker that sells and creates a new product or one that sells to the public. They are professionals that have a certain level of expertise, in their industry or skillet. If you are a woodworker then you are a product.

The ‘professional’ is someone who has a clear defined set of skills and education that they can bring to your brand/company – the ‘satisfaction’ will come from creating an item, not from selling it. A professional needs to have some kind of certification or some sort of degree – just to make sure people get quality products. In almost all of my woodworking classes I have someone that has an accredited woodworking training background. I don’t think it’s fair to label an individual a ‘professional’ or just assume they will produce a professional product or service at all.

What exactly do you mean when you say a ‘certified’ woodworker?

The phrase ‘certified woodworker’ is used to describe people that hold the following certifications:
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SCA-CE (SCA-CE certification is required for students who intend to become SCA/CELSIUS certified)

SCA-LEC (SCA Certified Licendy Course)

SCA (SCA certification)

The person has been granted a high level of accreditation that they have completed over a number of courses, which will either show or can be shown some level of proficiency in their trade. Their credentials are more or less a test that is used to determine if they are in fact qualified. An example of that could be if someone meets the requirements for a SCA-LEC certification, they would be tested to see what level they are capable at – then the rest of the course would determine whether

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