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What are they called for? Who is a contractor or other name, and how do they help you? Here are some answers for both.

What is a professional woodworker, “professor” or otherwise?

A professional woodworker is someone who is accredited by the American Board of Design and Construction, as well as the National Institute of Woodcrafts and Trades (NIST), both of which are the highest degrees a profession can receive.

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In the United States, a professional woodworker is a member of the professional association representing the trade. These groups, which include the American Institute of Woodworking (AIAW) and the International Council of Woodworkers Council (ICOWC), are recognized by every state.

If you are in New Hampshire, you have the right to request a professional certification by contacting the NHRM. If you are working in New Hampshire, you might have your own license for a particular trade (but not be a “certified woodworker”). If you know what an “NHRM” license is, you might know what an “NIST” license is.

How are woodworkers trained?

To become a woodworker, you must meet all of the qualifications listed above. You need to complete a program designed according to the following criteria: You must be at least age 21 with the proper documentation required, be at least 35 with your own education, and have a high school diploma or an equivalent. You need at least two years of experience. You need to have acquired knowledge and skill that is essential for your trade. You are expected to be proficient with a variety of tools and materials, and also with the skill and technique necessary to construct wood and other building materials.

If you are interested in becoming certified, you may get started on the training path by going to the NHRM website and completing a short online questionnaire. You may take advantage of NIST’s web-based online certification program. Also, you could start with AIAW’s online course. If you decide to take a longer course, remember that you will require some additional work in order to obtain a certification.

What about certification in another craft?

If you want to be certified in a different craft — such as carpentry, sewing, stained glass, and carpentry mechanics — there are several certification programs that offer equivalency programs for those professions. Be sure to check with your state board of ed.

Who holds a woodworking certification?

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