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A Professional woodworker is someone who is comfortable in the toolbox and can master the tools of the trade. You know the type. You know what you need to do, when you need to do it. You are a team player. If someone is calling me for directions I call my woodshop and let them know what I need them to do. They are always on time. You will likely never hear an overpriced tool. There will be tools that I buy at a great price that are simply out of my price range, or that I am reluctant to buy because it is something I simply cannot afford. You can not expect a professional woodworker to be a good friend, you can only expect them to be a professional. It takes some time, effort, and a certain level of skill to be a professional woodworker. We use the term ‘professional’ in a very broad definition. It simply encompasses a certain level of dedication, knowledge, and passion for their craft. You can see that many professional woodworkers have that level of commitment to their craft. These individuals are at the leading edge of their craft. That is a very good thing, because these individuals know their craft, it is an ongoing process. These individuals are always willing to learn and improve. Professional woodworkers are capable of turning any project into a work of beauty with a little effort. They are also passionate about their craft. They may be perfectionists who only do things right the first time, but after a time, they learn to accept failures and improve upon them. They become like true craftsmen and craftspeople.

Is it important that I develop a professional image as well?
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It is very important to have an image as a professional, especially at this time. Professional woodworkers are always looking to improve. It takes that kind of dedication to a craft in order to be a professional. You don’t just learn to make a new project, you learn to teach and educate yourself on other materials. You have to know what it means to make something beautiful and how to do it. Learning to make things is an essential part of being a professional. It all comes back to your image as a craftsman.

What is a good start for a first time woodworker?

There is no starting point. You cannot be like John Wooden or Claude Monet, they are masters of the craft and they would not have become so great as they have in so less time. For a new woodworker, it is important to follow

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