What is the best craft to make money?

I think it’s having a good skill set. When I was an undergrad, I went out to a store and I asked, “Who are the five best craftspersons I can talk to?” And they said Scottie-the-dude, Mikey-the-nail guy. When I was in college, I was always going out to clubs or things like that. So I think it’s really hard for a lot of people to make that.

Do you think it’s less important to be a nice girl and actually be nice to people?

Well, I really wish I could be nice to someone every single day. What’s the point of being kind to people, other than as a way for them to like you again? So I think it’s good to be kind just a little bit. But in a way, I really hate that I’m kind of nice right now and I really do it for no reason, but what’s great is that I can actually, right now, do something with my day. I can get up for work or leave my apartment, I can go home and I haven’t even been to a party or done anything. It’s like a whole new experience for me. Sometimes I just want to do this and not talk to other people. I want to be able to do whatever it is I want to do and do it, but not try to get other people to like me back so I can talk to them.

What are you working on now?

I’m working on an album. It’s coming out in the fall. I’m also trying to tour. I have a date in Vegas down there. And I’m working a lot on some stuff with Myles Kennedy. I can’t tell you more about it because we haven’t actually announced it.

That sounds interesting and you know a lot about bands that are coming up, but there’s been some stuff that’s been happening recently that is really exciting to hear about.

It’s definitely exciting and kind of funny because I think people expect to hear something. But to think that I’m actually going to keep doing this when I’m 45, that’s not me. It’s my job to not quit my job. That’s what I do now. That’s just the life I chose, where I want to be, with my friends. That doesn’t change. My lifestyle can change, like my life can change. But I’m doing this job, I have it,