What is the best wood to make an outdoor sign? – Custom Woodworking Business Near Me Denver

Wood is a great material for outdoor signs as it holds up better while in the sun.

But, if choosing wood is tough, try the following list of signs if you can find them:

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Largest Wooden Sign:

Cedar 2′x2′ – 6.5′ long

Elder – 2.3′ long

Redwood – 3′ long

White Oak – 4.5′ long

Red Oak – 5′ long

Hickory – 8.5′ long

Yew – 11′ long

Black Walnut – 11″ tall

Oak – 13.5′ tall

Smallest Wooden Sign:

Brown Ash – 1.5′ tall

Red Oak – 1.4′ tall

Teal Birch – 1′ tall

Bamboo – 1.2′ wide

If looking for a sign in any of these styles, just look for those signs with the words ‘FREEWOOD’.

How long will it last?

To be honest I couldn’t tell you, but you can buy wood that are 6-5 years old. But, don’t worry its not going to last forever. The bigger, the better.

You can use a sign that is 6, 5 or maybe 4 years old. This will help you plan ahead for when its time to replace it.

Other great wood for outdoor signs:

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