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An ‘extraordinary’ photograph of the moment an airman is seen dying from his injuries in Afghanistan has been released.

The incredible pic shows an airman lying in a pool of blood next to the ruins of the Afghan government building, after suffering a bullet wound.

A few metres away a man was seen carrying what appears to be his own weapon just moments before he was killed.

As well as the picture of the death scene the Afghan government has released more evidence of the horrific aftermath of the attack on a NATO convoy, which killed three Afghan soldiers and a civilian.

On Wednesday night the Ministry of Defence gave evidence of its response to the attack.

A senior officer from the Ministry named the alleged attacker as ‘Jihad Shafai’.

He said the gunman was part of the 1st Squadron unit at Nangarhar.

(Image: Wochit)

One soldier was in a critical condition on Tuesday with a bullet wound. According to initial reports one of the soldiers was killed and three others were wounded.

The airmen were part of a Nato convoy travelling in the area of Daudkhel that has been the site of some of the worst attacks in recent years. The first attack on the convoy happened