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What is the most valuable item on Etsy? The answers are:

If you have a lot of jewelry, you’ll be paying a high price.

If you have a fancy watch, you’ll be spending a lot, but you might get a lot of satisfaction or interest out of it too.

The most expensive (and most often) useful item is jewelry.

Most of the most valuable items are jewelry.

When do you have to choose between jewelry (a good thing) and expensive items (a bad thing)?

When you’re buying or selling jewelry, it always pays to be flexible in your decisions (and that’s true for you too!).

On average, buyers and sellers are both willing to buy jewelry for $5 to $7, whereas most expensive items are selling for $50 to $100.

In other words, most buyer- and seller-determined costs of selling jewelry are in the range of $3 to $5 per item.

There are more than $120,000 unique and valuable items in the Marketplace.

In that same time frame, the average time it takes to sell is 18 months and there are many buyers and sellers who have made it into the marketplace on their own.

Here’s a great resource that gives you the price information needed to be successful selling on Etsy.

What can YOU do to get into the marketplace? Share your experience below!

SINGAPORE – A group of Chinese tourists went missing on Tuesday (Aug 20), after allegedly getting lost in Singapore.

In a Facebook post (link in Chinese), the unidentified men have said they are still on the resort island after having gone missing. They then asked tourists to find them on Facebook.

The group have posted a photo of the missing men in the photo booth of the Hotel Pescadero.

They also included a message in Chinese in the post, saying people on social media have been spreading false rumours about the men: “We hope our story will be a little useful on the internet.”

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The photos posted today by a group of Chinese tourists on social media have circulated online

It said two men, aged 54 and 55, were found in the Singapore Airport on the morning of Thursday, Aug 21, and the men have been asked to bring their passports from the airport. They also asked for information on their Chinese language capability, their age, their destination and the weather.

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