What sells fast?

Well, let’s see!

There’s the fast charger from $60-$160. That’s right, you can buy a $60 charger from a guy standing by a charging station while he walks by. We love this. This will allow you to get fast charging just about anywhere that there is an outlet. If the station at a gas station isn’t large enough for all these batteries, a big enough battery box is a requirement. We have a few in the lab, and now it is time to get this on the road.

The charger has two charging modes — fast and extended — and a trickle charging mode. You can select whether to push up to 1 amps, or not, all without being plugged into the wall. This makes for some long battery life.

Finally, we also have an LED indicator that will blink when you’re charging. You can set your own blinking brightness on them. Once the battery is full, we will connect the USB cable to the wall socket and charge it up to full.

On The Road

In the lab, we are currently testing our charger, and now it is time to get it on the road. This is pretty easy with the fast charger, since there is no outlet. Once you have it plugged in, plug the wall socket into the battery itself and hook up the USB cord that is already connected to your computer. Plug the laptop into your computer and start typing your charge commands. You can also use the included USB cable and plug it into a Mac mini as well.

We are now in a perfect position, we have all the parts and it’s time to deliver our first product on the road.

As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to join our forum where you can ask our development team any questions you may have.

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Our Development Team

The world’s fastest supercomputer now is on the way — the world’s fastest quad-core Intel Xeon Phi processor, based on the 32-nanometer architecture. The company said it has completed testing of its processor design on the largest data center in the world, the HPC Server Cluster at the University of Missouri in Columbia. HPC Server Cluster is one of a number of facilities at the University of Missouri and is used to power a global network of HPC-centric research centers.

“Our new supercomputer is a significant milestone for Intel,” said Paul S. West, senior vice president of the Intel Xeon Phi Program. “By implementing Xeon Phi