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You might think you can get more out of your product as soon as there’s a demand for it, but sometimes, your product isn’t that interesting to a customer at the moment.

In some ways, you’re doing your customers a disservice by delaying getting you to take their calls.

How to fix it

Instead of taking the opportunity to ask questions, you should take the time to think through the customer’s story.

What types of things will he or she want to know more about? And more importantly, when can you get them to ask?

“If I can tell him about this or that, that might solve his problem,” advises Steve Harvey.

What is your goal?

When customers are ready to ask questions, ask a question that’ll satisfy those questions: “What’s your goal?”

This could even be a good thing for them to ask – you’re only limited by your own creativity, which leads me to the next important topic…

3. Make your call fun

Once you know what to listen for, start to make your call a “game.”

This might sound simple, but it requires a degree of focus that can prove challenging.

The key is to ask your prospect questions that will get to the heart of what they’re interested in.

Here are a few tips on what to ask:

“What’s a word you should know?”

“What are the qualities of a job you’re really going for and why are they important to you?”

“What’s the opposite of what you’re interested in?”

“What are your strengths in what you do?”

The best callers are those who can use these words to answer all of the above questions with passion.

One last note:

Even though each call should be unique, you still need to make it enjoyable for your prospect. Here’s how:

Take a short, 30 second break every hour, 30 minutes or even an hour, to rest, re-focus or recharge.

In my experience, this can have a huge impact on your call.

If you’re using a simple question and answer format (see step 5 above), your prospect will be happier than you will be; if you’re using the “game” approach, your prospects will stay focused and not get bored.

If you’re using any kind of strategic calls (like in the “Get to

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