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Sewing patterns or clothes, anything for a woman or any girl with sewing skills.

How do you spend your sewing days? I think sewing is pretty much the same for every woman’s life. You spend your free time in the house with your daughters, and your free money at the store that sold you this thing you don’t have… for some reason I never remember the price of clothes.

What do you love to sew? I love sewing the thing for me. The process, the fabric, and the craftsmanship.

Fashionable Tips

We’ve been having a very productive season so far here at Sew Craft Girls. So far, we have made a few new additions to our sewing kits: a new style of minky and an extra long eyelet tutorial. They are both a winner of our readers’ votes! The other projects were designed by me (Beth-Marie, your friendly and talented designer and maker).

To see these new additions in action, please join us on Facebook or Instagram to see our latest tutorials. And, please join our Sew Craft Girl Mailing List, where you can download all our latest projects at once without leaving your home. Thank you so much for joining us, and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask 🙂

We hope you’ll be having happy and healthy sewing days with your dear friends!

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– The Sewing Craft Girls Team


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Quick Walkthrough [ edit ]

Talk to the woman in the Temple Ward. Travel to the Temple Ward and talk to her. Make her your follower. Reward: 75,000 experience

Detailed Walkthrough [ edit ]

Saving the Temple Ward [ edit ]

The temple ward is on a hill on the outskirts of Falkreath. You are required to go to the Temple Ward, and talk to the woman to open the temple gate, which causes you to drop the key, and enter the temple wards room to find all kinds of magical traps. Go to the main door to the ward, and you will have to open the doors to open the gates. There is an enchanted door with a trap outside, but you can bypass it using some spells (see the Oblivion Gates section below). Just before the door, you can see a glowing blue light.

The door to the Temple Ward [ edit ]

Go to the right and enter the room where you fight

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