What sewing items sell best?

(A) Fabric: Fingering, worsted weight, or worsted weight + one piece, or just a single piece. (B) Fabric and thread of highest quality. (C) Floss that has not been previously used. (D) Anything that shows signs of moisture. (E) Anything that has been washed.

What are fabric or thread of highest quality? (A) Floss that has never been used (and will probably never be used). (B) Something other than cotton and silk. (C) Floss that has already been used. (D) Any item that has been washed.

What are floss of highest quality? (A) All floss that has been used and not washed. (B) Any floss that has had the appearance of wear at some point in time. (C) Whatever is needed to keep you from having a hard-on after washing it. (D) Anything not on the list listed above.

Do you recommend using floss that has previously been used? (Yes/No) Please tell us whether you use floss that has previously been used, how you will use it, if it is waterproofed, any questions.

Yes/No: What kind of fabric? (A) Light weight or cotton. (B) Polyester. (C) Polyester and worsted weight. (D) Any other fiber.

How much should I plan to buy? (A) Please tell us your exact size, but be specific.

What type of fabrics should I be looking for? (A) Light weight fabrics, like fleece and acrylic or synthetic fabrics. (B) Any heavier fabrics (polyester, silk, etc.). (C) Any thicker fabrics (tent, fleece, velour). (D) Anything heavier than soft and delicate fabrics.

How will I be measuring my fabric? (A/B) Measure one yard. (C/D) Measure two yards. (E) Measure three yards. (F) Measure four or more yards.

What type of cloth should I use? (A) Silken cloth is best. (B) Cotton cloth is best for layering. (C) Anything less than silky smooth. (D) Anything harder than silk.

I am a beginner, please let me know how to measure my fabric? (A/B) Please find an experienced seamstress to help you determine how much fabric to