What should I build and sell? – Custom Woodworking Business Near Me Hiring

I should put an area where I sell my stuff before it gets lost or destroyed. I should use it as a base in the future. I should create and/or expand a town. Then I can sell more of my stuff, make money, expand, and so on.

Can you recommend anyone to build/sell a house to use as a base? I will need to leave my house in a place away from people, or else someone will come and try to find it and I’ll have a difficult time getting it back!

Can you recommend anyone who built a base in a town/city/village to sell it to? (Or perhaps to build it again?)

What should my house’s name be?

What should my town’s/city/village’s town name be?

Where will the houses be?

How far away can the houses be from other towns?

What should I call them?

Would you mind telling me what the current top sellers are for each town?


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