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LAS VEGAS — It was a story so preposterous, it was unbelievable.

Dennis Hopper’s story — about his time as a reporter at Time, which he started in 1960 and lasted 24 years until the magazine’s board killed him in 1993 — is being spun as a fictional tale by Time Warner, Inc.

Hopper’s long-term career was so far a part of Time’s history, its board killed him for a reason that seemed so absurd at the time.

On Feb. 12, 1993, the company voted to end an 11-year tradition of allowing Time’s staffs to continue working through retirement. At the time, Time CEO Richard Restino acknowledged to the board that he understood his new president, Donald Graham, was considering giving the job to a younger editor. So, after months of debate among the board, Restino finally decided that “something drastic” had to be done.

Hopper could not survive if he were to work on his story. So he would leave, leaving a “bald, emaciated man” to fight alone against a “massive” financial loss. With him would be one of the magazine’s most celebrated reporters and its greatest influence.

“This is a huge deal,” a source close to Time told TheBlaze Sunday, speaking on condition of anonymity. “It’s like the end of the world. [Hopper] has been one of its main stars, and it’s the end.”

Hopper told a story to a friend two years before Time, when it was still in its infancy: he was a reporter who worked at both Time and the Washington Post. That, on a weekend.

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But here’s the truth: the story is bogus.

“I know about Dennis. I know his family and his children. I’m convinced and I’ve seen plenty of interviews where he has denied it,” said one

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