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There are many different things that get bought for Christmas that do not make a great deal of sense.

Selling a wooden cupboard, for example, may get a few people excited but there are thousands of people who have been asked by friends to come over and help. Not that wooden cupboards are all that good at keeping snow off.

But if you can sell a cupboard that sells for £2 a year and you offer to make it for free, some friends will have £10 on their balance. (In fact – and this sounds ludicrous yet, I’m not saying I’ve worked out the exact figures for this – but in my area, some people have about £40 between them, so they’d get a cupboard for only £2 a year and a cupboard full of stuff they could sell the cupboard for.

As for the price, I see wood products that are worth £1 and other items with market value worth £20. The point I’m making is this is something that you have to try and sell and it’s worth remembering that there’s more to it than just a couple of pots and pans and Christmas decor.

What should you buy?

In my own home, everything from window shades and doors to kitchen and bathroom fixtures are for sale. And not least, if you want to sell something – a piece of furniture, that is.

I think you should go out and buy things you really like and then look carefully at them. If it’s a piece of furniture that you absolutely don’t care about anymore, don’t buy it. Buy one of the other better items.

And there’s a big difference between a piece of furniture and a piece that doesn’t matter. For example, my bedroom is a bit of a mess but I don’t really care. But if I did, the bedroom would be a nightmare. A piece of furniture – it can look lovely but, as a starting point, it’s really not worth worrying about.
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That said, I’ve made myself a wooden chess set that I am really not bothered about anymore. I have a bunch of chessboards, a big board, a chessboard table for my games and an enormous chess board for other people’s games. The chessboard table is my favourite thing in the house. It’s large enough to play with and just keeps well and keeps out of the way. The other pieces are a bit more decorative.

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