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The most important thing to consider is the type of wood, or types of wood, you wish to use. Wood types depend on the climate and season you live in. The most common wood types are hardwoods: oak, maple, hickory, mahogany, ash, hickory, and maple. Hardwood refers to wood that hardens easily, like maple. Maple is the most common hardwood, though pine and spruce are also hardwoods. If it is a heat-tolerant wood (and it can also take cold weather easily), then it needs high moisture content to grow, and the more wood you put out, the longer this period will be. This is why there are many more hardwood species than softwoods, because this is the most practical form of production. The following table from www.woodcharts.com lists the most common softwood species: Hardwoods Softwoods Common names/placement Pines & spruce ash white pine hickory white pine hickory spruce white pine spruce larch hickory balsam fir white oak larch oak spruce white oak spruce white oak larch hickory red maple white oak red maple red maple spruce white oak maple balsam fir maple maple balsam fir white oak maple larch, hickory, red oak, white oak

(A wood species cannot be a combination of two or more other wood species)

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Where do I obtain my lumber?

You can most likely source your lumber directly from a lumber supply store, or other local source. You can also contact your local lumberyard, or a lumber dealer. In either case, you need to ask yourself a few questions: Do you mind a higher quality lumber? Are there any restrictions on the type of lumber you can order? Do you need any specific kind of lumber for your projects, or do you just need a minimum of certain lumber types? If you do want to buy from a furniture or building supply company, they will probably also have the lumber you need.

If you live within a short distance of a lumberyard (maybe less than 15 miles or so), they most likely have a warehouse that you can drop off your surplus lumber or lumber-latch. Most of the time, though, they will just deliver to your door.

Do the lumberyard have any restrictions or limitations on the types or size? How much can they handle and ship?

Some lumberyards will

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