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As it says “sell most of other things”, I was really interested by the fact that I’ve always loved the wood of a walnut wood bar top . I wanted to have a matching bar top that looks similar.

But when you check on different products on the various online shops, you can find lots of products that are similar. You can buy a lot of nice wood from the USA – lots of expensive expensive stuff. How many will be bought by the customer in this competition?

The bar top market is very big and they sell a lot of things by the box, the most popular products seem to be: walnut (wood bar top), rosewood (wood table top), maple (wood flooring).

They don’t sell a lot of the really small (2mm thick) and expensive (0.7mm thick) woods, like cherry, ebony, etc.

So what should you invest in? Are you better off investing in a cheaper wood or a big, expensive one?

Here is a picture of the walnut bar top:

Here are some examples of different product images from different sellers:

Walnut Bar top – Amazon

Rosewood Bar top – Amazon

Maple Bar top – Amazon
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But if you try to put more money into the table top for the walnut bar top, you just can’t buy any other products. You can’t buy cherry, ebony, etc.

So what are the best products to buy?

It would help if you looked around a little and really wanted to select the best for you. So here is a list of 2-3 items that might look comparable and sell good by themselves:

Walnut Bar top

Rosewood Bar top

Raspberry Pi

But remember! You should really compare the prices separately to make a decision.

If you can’t find a match, I’ve included the Amazon price. It is usually higher than other options and a lot cheaper than walnut.

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