What woodworking projects sell well?

I have a few I’m building a woodworking shop with and I wanted to share my advice for selling woodworking projects. The best way to market your work is to make the best product. I’ve learned that many craftspeople prefer a good-looking product over a well-made product. A product that looks great can be very convincing. This isn’t any different than in any other industry. If your product is well constructed it will make you stand out to an end client. If your product looks good but is not as good as you expect it to be, people won’t like it. This doesn’t mean your product hasn’t been made well — if it is you’ve got it figured out — you’re just not in the same business as everyone else. There is no real difference between a good woodworking product and a great one. If you’re not in a business where you can make good products, you can use woodworking terms — names, sizes, colors, methods of construction — but if you can’t make any real woodworking product use these termless terms: woodshop, shop-built and shop-assembled. If you’re making a shop-built product you are using the term “shop-built” to describe a product. There are other terms you may prefer that I haven’t found anywhere. So, if you’re making the best product, it doesn’t necessarily mean you should say woodworking product — it does mean you can make a good shop-built product. It’s that simple. The best way to market your tools is to make a good product. If your product doesn’t make you stand out or sell better than your competitor’s, you may be selling it on price — not quality.

The Best Way to Market Your Tools Are you using any of these to market your products?

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If your tool is called “bobbazooka”, it’s not really an effective tool.

If you make a table saw, it’s a table saw and not a bobbazooka.

If you make a cabinet saw, it’s a cabinet saw.

If you make an angle grinder, it’s not an effective angle grinder.

But you use “sawing machine” and “dremel” and “machine saw” as marketing terms. So, your tool is called a sawing machine and you’re using them because it looks cool. If your tools actually make you a better maker, you’re not using them to market your