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Lots of tools. You will need the following items:

-1″ drill bit (7 mm)

-1/8″ or 1/4″ socket

-Phillips screwdriver

-Dremel tool

-Screwdriver or socket set

-Wood cutter




-Sandpaper (to finish your work)

-Cleaning cloth



Let me preface this by saying this is really all that you need for someone who doesn’t have a lot of time that they want to spend on tools. What I say is this:

This is going to be a cheap, simple, very quick DIY project. The parts you will need depend on the size of your piece, and even on the type of wood you want.

What you will need for each item is the same, but each is sold separately. This includes what you use for the drill bit and the tool, a flat, flat surface, a small, simple drill bit, and the pliers.

For the drill bit, a drill has seven holes in each of which, when closed, the hole has about a 1/16″ diameter opening in the center of the bit. With the other five holes closed, a small piece of wood is held in place by two screws and held in place by the two pliers, so there is no real “fractal pattern” when opening them.

The drill bit is the largest flat piece of your choice. Make sure your choices don’t make any sense to you.

You need to attach a piece of sheet metal, a drill bit, a flat piece of wood, a very small (one or two inches long) piece of wood, a large screwdriver, and the drill.
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If you have already drilled the holes for the holes in this pattern, then you do not need the drill bit. The point you are making is that now you need to make the holes of your drill bit.

Next you have to attach the small wood piece to the bit. A large piece of wood is attached at each end. The small wood piece is held in place by two screws at each end at a height of a small amount of thickness or so that it won’t need to be cut out. It fits around the wood.

You are now done. The drill bit should

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