Where can I sell my homemade furniture? – How To Advertise A Woodworking Business

You can sell your items online from the site at http://www.pfh.org/stores.

Can I sell items through a store?

Yes, there are many sites where you can sell your items and there’s the option to purchase items through stores. The website that I’ve used is called www.shopsupply.com

When can I receive my items?

After purchase the store will call you to set up a meeting schedule.

How do I track my order?

Once your items have arrived, log onto your account.

Can I use my credit or debit card to pay for items?

You can also use cash or check.

I’ve purchased a house: do I have to move in with them immediately?

Yes. They still have to move in under the terms of the agreement.

I’ve been living in an apartment for a year or so: do I have to move in?

Yes. If you’ve lived in an apartment for more than a year, you can transfer the lease back to an apartment before the end of that lease period. If you don’t transfer the lease back, the landlord has to give you notice so you can move in.

I was living in an apartment for several years: am I still required to move in?

Although any time you live in an apartment that is more than a year old, you have to move in under the terms of your lease. However, if you are required to move in under the lease agreement, the landlord still has to give you 2 weeks notice to do so.

If you need financial/housing support at the time of moving, you might be able to find housing through the homeless shelters.

Can I make adjustments to my rent?

No. Your rent is always set by the landlord.

Do I still have to pay the utility bills?

Yes. Your landlord sets your electric bill and your water bill.

Can I get my payment mailed directly to the landlord?

Unless the landlord requests not to, the landlord can’t get your payment mailed to you. The landlord is still required to collect and send you a bill for utilities.

If you move into an apartment after you already have a tenant, may I use their name at the building?

Yes. Your landlord will get the lease, but if you live in the same building, your landlord won’t receive

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